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Mark, Supply Chain Manager

"Clare led us through the programme and introduced new ideas and concepts that changed our attitudes for the better.


Obviously, it's a change process and people progress at different rates, but it was remarkable that everyone moved in the right direction and behaviours changed."

 Dave, SHE Officer

"I had worked in the business for a long time, but when we did the workshops with Clare it was like the curtains were opened.  We began to understand how what we do impacts what we get. 


It has made me think about how I go about my work and how I work with other people.  It made a big difference to how we do things and how we feel."

Gary, Site Manager

"Clare has a real passion for coaching and working with teams to develop interpersonal skills and problem solving. Clare’s honest and sincere approach connects with individuals, leaving them energised and motivated for change."

 Lyn, Marketing and Account Manager

"Clare brings significant value to any group through her insight and particularly through her warm personality, which makes people feel immediately at ease.


I thoroughly enjoy any work where Clare is involved and have greatly appreciated her expertise during the course of numerous sessions together. For example, she provided excellent structure and just the right environment for a team brainstorming and culture reflection session."

 Lucinda, Technical Services Manager

"Clare asked, listened and quickly identified the most critical areas and then she probed these in the appropriate depth. 


Clare has emotional intelligence to bring out the best from everyone and was clearly very experienced in business processes so could make useful suggestions.


The workshop was pain-free and actually enjoyable and brought the team together with a unity of purpose.  I would recommend Clare as a facilitator or mediator."

Saul, Production Technician

"Clare brings energy and fun to the workshops.  We talked about things that have been bubbling under the surface, but because we were relaxed it meant we could start seeing each other's point of view and were able to work on them in a different way.  This helped us take more control and changed things for the better."

Mick, QC Team Leader

"People became more engaged and more willing to work as a team. We achieved a real change in how people felt about work.


Clare has extensive knowledge and experience which helps others to see how to work better together.  She gives support and help when it's needed, and makes suggestion of other methods to try.


When you work with Clare her enthusiasm rubs off and sessions are fun as well as effective."