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Clare Wheeler

Facilitator and People Coach

People are the power in businesses
Listening and talking resolves issues
Lots of heads gives lots of ideas - there's a gem in there
Actions speak louder than words
There is untapped potential in us all - we just need help to use it
More gets done when you have fun
 If you realise you're always learning - you never stop growing

7 things you should know I believe

I am the founder of Business Cogs.  I set up the business to share the skills I have gained from 20 years of working with people. 

I am passionate about helping businesses to connect with their employees.  I have seen the benefits.  When employees are connected the business sees improvements across the board, from increased productivity, better safety performance, increased sales and less sickness absence which all increase profitability.  This happens because people who feel connected work in a different way - the business matters, they care about how they can make a difference, so they have more conversations - even when it's difficult.  They are more creative because they want to resolve issues in a way that works for everyone.  Ultimately they have pride in what they do and the company they do it for.

The benefits are massive.  As an employee I always felt I wanted to spend my working time doing something I was good at, something that I enjoyed and something that made a difference.  So when I started managing people I tried to give them the same.  I tried to connect individuals to their part in our team and how we contributed to the business.  I felt it was important to know the people I worked with, to know what they liked doing.  Then when I created opportunities, I knew who would make a good match.  For me, listening to people is really important.  If someone has gone to the trouble of raising an idea or issue, it's important to them - the least I can do is to listen.

I have had a varied career, as a Chemical Engineer, Operations Manager and Improvement Leader.  I have learnt that no matter what you're working on, the key to success is the people you work with.  The more you can understand about yourself and how you work, the more you can understand other people.

At Business Cogs we strengthen the connection between the business and your employees and by strengthening this connection everyone wins. The good news is - the more you do it the easier it becomes.

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