Lockdown Support

To provide support during the Covid-19 pandemic Business Cogs is providing
2 additional services to take the learnings from lockdown and safely return to work.

Maximise Your Lockdown Learnings

What are you going to take back to work from lockdown?
What do you want to change about how you work in the future?
What are you going to stop doing when you get back to work?

The lockdown has forced us to work differently and reflect on how we want to work in the future. 


Let's make the most of what we have learnt by taking the "keepers" back to work.  Sounds sensible but not everything that has worked in lockdown will work as well in a more normal work situation.  So don't put them down to a good lockdown fix and forget about it.  If it's worked it's been because it plugged a gap, it's just in different situations we might need a different plug.    

Grab hold of this opportunity with the "Maximise Your Lockdown Learnings" which uses the Business Cogs "7 Cogs Framework" to ensure you take the best innovations from lockdown to create a more efficient and effective business. 

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Unlocking Safely

How are

we going to get back to work safely?

How are people going to feel confident?

How are we going to keep people safe?

We have started to hear discussions of when the lockdown restrictions will be relaxed and our world will start to return to normal.  Whilst we're keen to get back to work we are also rightly concerned about how we are going to do this and have an overriding sense of responsibility for bringing our teams back safely.  At Business Cogs we have a 3 phased approach, based on Chemical Industry experience, to support you through this difficult time. 

How are

we going to get back to work safely?

1 - Minimise Risk

Opening up work places will increase our risks. 


We will step you through how to identify your risks and define practical methods to minimise them.

2 - Build Confidence

Returning to work will create uncertainty and concern. 


Break down the barriers and support individuals to feel comfortable.

3 - Adapt and Protect


We will need to keep adapting. 


We will guide you on how to ensure your risk reduction methods continue to work in reality, keep pace with the changing situation and maintain protection.  

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