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The Business Cogs approach 

We understand every business is different, so we will work with you to understand your needs and build a program that works for you.  This allows us to match our expertise to you and work on the real situations that you face. 

Program Stages

The first stage is to assess where the business is.  We use our assessment tool to understand the current performance in key areas required for employees to fuel the business.


There may be key changes or areas that the business wants to focus on, so these will be prioritised. Based on the assessment and the prioritise of the business a focus for the workshops will be agreed.


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We start with leaders and influential people, as key players in changing the ways of working.  The workshops allow discussion and reflection to determine what changes are needed to move forwards.


The outcomes from these workshops will start to change the working environment. 

Leaders' Workshops

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Team workshops provide an opportunity to mix cross sections of the business to build broader and more personal relationships.

The workshops are designed to facilitate discussions on the topics that matter, and build a common direction.  We hold the mirror up to the current ways of working to allow alternatives to be considered.

Team Workshops

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When changes are identified it can be difficult to make them a reality.  We use individual and team coaching to support the transition for key changes.

Coaching doesn't give you the answers, but provides a safe environment to fully consider them.  We find coaching provides clarity to make the brave decisions.


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After a cycle of workshops, coaching and implementation, it is important to take stock and see the impact that has been made. 


From here it can be decided if more is needed on the areas of focus or if it is time to move to the next priority.


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