Turning issues into resolvable plans

What do you want to change to drive the business forwards?  

We start by understanding the detail of the changes you want to achieve.  Then using the  '7 Cogs Framework' identify where to strengthen the working methods in a way that builds employee ownership and engagement.  

leadership and organizational development

Business Cogs provides a professional consultancy service to tackle the real causes of the issues that are limiting your business performance.

Get your business running like a well-oiled machine

"Clare combines an amazing attention to detail, a capability to understand and diagnose complex situations and relationships, a tenacity to get the right result for clients and a pleasant and helpful demeanour."
Craig, Managing Director
We ask what would make your business stronger?
Discuss change for your business
"We want to be better at communicating, so that everyone knows what is important to us."


"We want effective performance management to develop our employees."
"We want to support our managers to be stronger leaders."
"People talk about what is wrong or should change but are relucant to get involved."


"We have grown so quickly, how we used to do things does not work as well anymore."
"We want to be able to change more quickly, we know what we need to be better at and we want to get there sooner."
"We want to help our people to take more responsibility."


"We have done an employee survey and we want help interpreting and actioning it."
"There must be a better way of working, we want to be more organised and productive."