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Clare Wheeler

I have spent over 20 years solving problems and making things happen efficiently.  I knew this was what I wanted to do so I became an Engineer, but over time I realised it wasn’t the equipment that I enjoyed working with it was the people.  Overcoming issues that seem impossible, creating better ways of getting work done, setting teams up to meet and then beat targets, creating stability and building a 'can do' approach - these are the challenges that I’ve faced and they’ve given me my skills and experience. 


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7 Things You Should Know I Believe

  1. It's not just what we do, it's how we go about it that really matters

  2. When we're not getting the results we want, it's time to try something different

  3. Big issues are solved by breaking them down into chunks that can be fixed

  4. Find the best way of doing a task and then make sure it's always done that way

  5. If you plan for success you have much more chance of being successful

  6. Change doesn’t have to be hard, if it is then there is a better way of doing it

  7. It's easier to believe in something when you are a part of making it happen

For 8 years I was an Operations Leader, managing the team to meet the production targets, by overcoming problems and finding consistent ways of working, whilst keeping the team happy and safe.


This taught me:

  • Managing people is as much about getting people to want to do the right things, as telling them what the right thing is.

  • Having systematic ways of working gives stability and space to work on issues.

  • Fixing a problem at root cause saves time and effort in the long run.

I was an Improvement Leader for 7 years, tackling the issues to allow the business to run smoothly.

This taught me:

Change is a team sport, when you include everyone involved you end up with better solutions and a lot more enthusiasm to make the change successful.

I started my career as a Chemical Engineer, and for 6 years worked on chemical plants designing and adapting processes and equipment to improve efficiency.

This taught me:

There are many ways to achieve goals but to find the best solution you have to really understand all aspects of what you are trying to achieve.  

I established Business Cogs in 2018 to support  businesses to overcome issues, make changes  and work efficiently

leadership and organizational development

Clare grow up in Hertfordshire and has lived and worked in the North East of England since 2000.  She enjoys walking, cycling, escape rooms and is currently learning to play the guitar.

What is it like to work with Clare?

"Clare asked, listened and quickly identified the most critical areas and then she probed these in the appropriate depth. 

Clare has emotional intelligence to bring out the best from everyone and was clearly very experienced in business processes so could make useful suggestions. I would recommend Clare"

Lucinda, Technical Manager

"Clare has a real passion for coaching and working with teams to develop interpersonal skills and problem solving. Clare’s honest and sincere approach connects with individuals, leaving them energised and motivated for change."

Gary, Site Manager

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