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7 Cogs framework powering business

We are committed to supporting our clients to overcome the issues that are impacting performance.  We know making changes takes effort, so the key is to identify where to focus to achieve the biggest improvements.  Unfortunately problem areas tend to be like icebergs, the impact of the issue is visible but there is much more beneath the surface. It is easy to get caught up fixing the visible issue and miss the real causes that sit below the surface.   

The Business Cogs '7 Cogs Framework' consists of the 7 cogs, that sit below the surface and drive performance.  We focus on strengthen the '7 Cogs' to deliver the improvements that are required.  

And there’s a bonus - improvements ripple to other parts of the business.  Why? Because the performance in the '7 Cogs' impacts work throughout the business.  



Identifying the improvement opportunities in your business with the 7 Cogs Framework


Developing the 7 Cogs Improvement Plan to maximise the opportunities in your business



Building the practical skills to support the

7 Cogs inline with your Improvement Plan



Delivering your Improvement Plan with project management, coaching and  personalised support



Mapping processes to streamline work, identify responsibility and reduce non-value adding activities.


Increasing leadership skills to overcome issues and get better results.


Increasing leadership skills to overcome issues and get better results.


Creating methods to encourage and support individuals to give their best to the business.

Working with us

"People became more engaged and more willing to work as a team. We achieved a real change in how people felt about work.


Clare has extensive knowledge and experience which helps others to see how to work better together.  She gives support and help when it's needed, and makes suggestions of other methods to try.


When you work with Clare her enthusiasm rubs off and sessions are fun as well as effective."

Michael, Quality Control Leader

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